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Digital planning is one of the core services we offer at Wstreams. This department is tasked with the responsibility of understanding our clients’ business requirements and how to make them profitable engaging with their customers online. We are able to translate data into actionable insights and tell these in compelling brand stories that gets your audience to take the right actions.

  • Fuel business growth with digital Marketing
  • Improve marketing through customer data and insights
  • Provide Business Intelligence and analytics
  • Digital branding and Product Launch
  • Spot trends and determine customer buying behaviour

Winning with social!

Engaging socially with your customers has been proven to be an effective method to building trust and affinity for your product and business. Like every human relationship, it requires nurturing and time to cultivate. We have a team of professionals who are dedicated to making sure the right relationship and connections are established between your brand and the consumers. How do you speak to the different and specific customer’s needs? How do you identify these conversations and how can you leverage these chatter to drive awareness, sales and for brand building? We offer a bouquet of services to ensuring that your content gets to the right people and inspires the right actions.

We offer the following specific services:

  • Engagement across Social platforms
  • Content/Conversations strategy
  • Social Customer Relationship Management
  • Clout: Measure your brand influence across social platforms
  • Customer experience

Media/ Online Advertising

One of the biggest revolutions of the internet era is the bloom in information and the ability for people to search and find answers to whatever is of interest to them. In the same way, businesses can now reach millions of targeted audience online and tailor their offerings to their specific needs. What more; the options are endless from search, display and rich media ads, brands can create engaging contents to trigger specific actions from their audience. Search is reveals a customer’s intent on purchase, hence being discoverable and in the right channels is key to business success in the digital era. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent services in the following areas:

  • Search(SEM,SEO, Dynamic ads)
  • Display Ads (mobile, app, laptop)
  • Retargeting, Search Remarketing
  • Cross Channel Campaign
  • Location based ads


Not thinking of digital as some set of tools or tactics for marketing puts us in a position and responsibility to create something that permeates consumers’ lives, something not thought of as technology; but rather convenience, fun, new experience and cool. Our production department is able to take ideas and turn them into solutions that help improve the audience experience and affinity with a product or brand. Production execution in the following:

  • Website development/Strategy
  • Mobile App development
  • Motion Graphics/Animation/videos
  • Design/illustration


We have gone pass the stage of proving to our clients that digital works. With measurable results and consumer actions, our clients no longer ask the question “Is this going to work?” Instead they ask how we can leverage these media to achieve more results. What do we measure? Campaign effectiveness and performance: Cost per Opportunity, Cost per Action, Cost per Sale, Return On Investment

  • Web analytics
  • Social listening and monitoring
  • Brand/Product Sentiments
  • Share of Voice
  • Channel Dominance


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