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This section is basically for information updates to any of the tabs on the home page. Apart from press releases, we are not obliged to accept & upload ALL submissions. The decision to upload received submissions lies solely in our purview. We will not upload updates in the following category: Leftist or Rightist political views, Opinions which are inimical to other entities, Profanity, Sexual or Pornographic Content, Religious posts that can be deemed to be inciteful, derogatory & offensive, Product Launches & Marketing Campaigns (basically, any submission that will promote or incite purchase of a particular good or service) and any other posts we feel is not appropriate to wstreams and our viewers at large. Submissions to wstreams will appear as follows (1) Press Releases: In the NEWS tab (2) Other Submissions: to the associated tab e.g. sports, entertainment e.t.c.

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